18 July 2014

The Journey Begins!

Infinium came into existence when the original developer forked the Cryptonote protocol in a single commit on GitHub. This marked the birth of the Infinium network. However, the original developer soon stepped away from the project, leaving it behind.

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2015 – 2020

Facing Challenges

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Numerous developers attempted to revive the Infinium project. In 2015, a user named “Nimoria” made an effort to resume the development by fixing old seed nodes and submitting pull requests to the original Infinium repository, but unfortunately, without success. In 2019, campurro stepped in, fixing the compilation of the original code in GCC 5, hosting seed nodes and a mining pool. However, even campurro eventually left the project. Then, in early 2020, helium2017 created a Discord group for Infinium and hosted a pool and seed node. Helium2017 was the last person to host an Infinium node before the next development team emerged.

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October 2020

A Fresh Start

In October 2020, Jacob and 313 connected and began discussing the Infinium coin. Jacob initiated an Infinium pool for himself and 313, realizing that the network needed code modernization to regain functionality. After several attempts, Jacob settled on using Bytecoin v3.4.2 as the base code, forking and modifying it to be compatible with the Infinium network, resulting in the first hard fork.


November 2020 – 2021

New Releases

In November 2020, Jacob released Infinium 2.0.0, fixing an inflation bug and reducing the block reward. Shortly after, Infinium 2.0.1 was launched, addressing a bug with seed node connections and introducing checkpoints. Infinium 2.0.2 followed, fixing the calculation mechanism for total supply and allowing determination of the current circulation. In February 2021, Infinium 3.0.0 brought additional mining algorithms and a developer fee. Finally, in July 2021, Infinium 3.1.0 replaced a mining algorithm, removed the developer fee, and accelerated block time.

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